My favorite Mastodon 3.5.0+ feature is that if you have full text search on your server, you can search for

"from:username@anyserver.whatever foobar"

And it will filter search results for just posts made by username@anyserver.whatever. This is a further refinement to the existing search, so the limitation of "posts that either were made by you or you have favorited, bookmarked, or are replies to you" still applies. It's SO MUCH EASIER to search through my old posts now.


@darius I recall from that you had a separate server full-text search. Any rough guidelines on resource requirements? I'm on a tiny VPS and didn't enable FTS because I didn't see anything in the Mastodon documentation about system reqs.

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@anthony I fully recommend running on a separate server. I'm running it on a 2GB Linode. It's incredibly hard to maintain, I would suggest going with an external host who specializes in Elasticsearch

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